Family, life and technology.

Tech vs Art

You might confuse my sons picture with a Van Gogh painting, but I assure you that my son is worth far more than any old painting. The image was taken on a GE 4D ultrasound machine. Yep, you read that right....4D.

With two-dimensional images you get width (X-axis) & height (Y-axis). Three-dimensional images adds depth (Z-axis) which brings spatial awareness between objects. 4D imagery is the same as 3D imagery but done in real-time thanks to higher processing capabilities. was probably much easier for the marketing folks to spin the term '4D' to the mass market instead of 'Real-time 3D imagery' too.

The Future of IT

In an interview, Dr. Seuss once said… 'To the world you may be one person; but to one person you may be the world.'

Jeffcon, was a huge success thanks to many of you in my network. Know that your efforts will have a lasting impact on these kids.

For those of you unaware of what Jeffcon is, it's a technology conference for students who are interested in the IT profession. The goal is to provide a safe environment for these future IT professionals to experience what a real IT conference is like and an opportunity to interact with experienced IT professionals.

This was my first year helping out, and the feedback we received was nothing less than spectacular!

Wires and Pipes

Whenever I think about the Aztec calendar, déjà vu, or history in general I think of Professor Griswold, a retired college professor who lectured at Colorado State University. He impacted my life in a profound way and to this day I still remember his last class/swan song from teaching, ~15 years ago. His speech was quite inspiring, and only those who witnessed it first hand would fully understand its awe. Part of the speech reminded us of how life connects and interweaves.

This month I was reminded of him because of several projects around the house. Replacing the control board in the oven, repairing a resistor in a very old sewing machine, fixing a TV's power module, and some plumbing work. If you think about it, the process of how electrical components work is parallel to your every day plumbing. Electricity flows from one point to another much like water. Resistors are like pressure valves. Wires are like pipes, a conduit moving particles. It's funny how things are so different yet so similar.

Home Automation + Pets = Endless Entertainment

There are many benefits to having an automated house, energy savings, security, convenience and safety. Originally the goal was to automate the lighting in the house because our dog Ebbie started to go blind. The system allows her go about her business without aid.

We found another benefit, a game similar to "hide and go seek". By using the system to remotely play a dog "squeaky" toy sound at different points of the house, our dogs hunt for the sound with reckless abandon!

Oregon Trip

Visiting family in Oregon and was able to snap a few pictures!

From left to right: Jenny, Cindy, Baby Ily, Ian, and Lyndsay.

Truth is in the picture.

'Home is where your wifi connects automatically'

On a recent trip out of state we see this. Yep, it made me homesick.

Key chain sized Darth Vader | $5

Excited to see (and more notably hear) the mini figurine that we purchased for a family member.

Life-sized Darth Vader @ CES 2015 | Priceless

Ran into him at CES. It was the first day of the conference and oddly quiet around his booth. Mr. Vader was more than happy to pose for several shots.